Southern Snapshot: Cicada

Cicada are the song bugs of the south. They sing all day long their lulling mechanical noise of sex and the joy of life.

We do NOT have bugs this big or fabulous where I grew up in Colorado. The biggest bugs we have are miller moths and they are not even close.

This is the very first cicada shell I’ve seen in the south. It is a little creepy, but incredibly fascinating. Just FYI, cicadas molt out of their exoskeletons to grow into even bigger bugs.

Read up on the amazing cicada – you can hear their song and see a great stop action video of one molting.


About Dawn A Crawford

Communications and Social Media Lover - I am a weaver of words and communities. I live life loudly and without regret. I garden to make the world a more beautiful place. I've achieved my dream to live near the ocean. I enjoy every day as if it was my last.
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