It’s Scary Down Here, Y’All

IMG_3061I love scary movies. The more spooky, gory and frightening the better. Now, with my cultivated taste for horror movies comes a little paranoia. I know how to kill a zombie (blunt objects and head shots are key) and I have a repertoire of ways to defend myself against crazed killers. You’ll never see me doing drugs and then having sex because that equals death for sure.

On our first trip to the South, I was a little freaked out. The thick woods, still black swamps and elegant Spanish moss only reminded me of my favorite movies. I mean, come on, if you breakdown on a back road that means you’ll be eaten by some crazy cannibals guaranteed, right?!

In Colorado we do not have these mysterious woods. It is very open, when you crest a hill you can see for miles around. Not in the South. There are mysteries shrouded in the thick forests and shanty houses at the end of deserted roads.

Okay all joking aside, I don’t really think I’m going to die a fantastical death in my own backyard. I know I’m just as safe here as anywhere else, but it is fun to think about. I like the thrill of imagining all that could be happening deep in the woods without anyone knowing.

It’s obvious that the South has been an inspiration for horror writers and directors for years. There is an amazing collection of movies that were filmed in or set in the South.

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One of my favorite examples is Deliverance. The psychological thriller is set in Arkansas then filmed in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. My home state is the location of “dilapidated town” Sylva. I’m sure that the town is lovely, but when I visit there I’ll be hearing this.

The diversity, heat, weird sounds, and mystery of the South is what makes it great. It also kick-starts the imagination to create great story lines about its residence and the struggle to survive.

If you are looking for a Halloween weekend wander or a sample of southern chillers to rent, check out this list.

And a little tip for wanderers this weekend, make sure you have a baseball bat in the trunk of your car. It is by far my favorite horror movie weapon. It can help you fend off zombies, crazed killers and wild animals. It works wet, never runs out of bullets, and can get you out of the trunk if need be. Happy haunting!

Horror Movies/TV Shows Shot in the South:

Set in the South (But Sadly Shot Else Where)

Did I leave off any of your favorite southern chillers? Let me know and I’ll add them with a credit to you.


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