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Communications and Social Media Lover - I am a weaver of words and communities. I live life loudly and without regret. I garden to make the world a more beautiful place. I've achieved my dream to live near the ocean. I enjoy every day as if it was my last.

Southern Snapshot: Cicada

Cicada are the song bugs of the south. They sing all day long their lulling mechanical noise of sex and the joy of life. We do NOT have bugs this big or fabulous where I grew up in Colorado. The … Continue reading

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Afternoon Culture: North Carolina Museum of Art

Range, structure and selection was our morning at the North Carolina Museum of Art. This collection of world-acclaimed art is housed in a newly remodeled space in Raleigh, NC. The humble collection has the range, from contemporary to classic, to … Continue reading

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Say It Out Loud

Now that you have a clear goal in mind, share it. Oh, my, I know this is a terrifying step. Yes, you need to tell any many people as you can about your goal. You need to tell your loved … Continue reading

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Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar: Always Worth the Drive

One of my favorite places to go on  the Carolina coast is the Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar in Carolina Beach. It’s a tiny bar and seafood shack along North Lake Park Boulevard. It’s worth the standing room or, if you … Continue reading

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Triangle Dining Guide v1

As I’m sure we’ll have many new additions, I wanted to share a post I wrote for my other blog 52 Ways To… which outlined our doings on our March 2010 visit to the Triangle – Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake … Continue reading

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Topsail Island

Our first day trip in North Carolina was to Topsail Beach. Which I proudly was calling “Top Sail Beach,” but I have been gently informed is pronounced more like “Topsil Beach” – all one word and with an accent if … Continue reading

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